Billionaire continues to pour scorn on Federal Reserve and tells the people to buy Bitcoin

Ricardo Salinas Pliego, billionaire, and the third richest man in Mexico, tells people on his Twitter account to keep buying Bitcoin, and scoffs at the cynicism of the Federal Reserve.

We are always told by bankers and those who control the currency, that inflation is actually a good thing. Janet Yellen, secretary of the Treasury, and former Fed Chairwoman, has let her view on this particular point be known.

Telling people that inflation is good for them is akin to your doctor telling you to eat plenty of junk food, and to wash it down with lots of alcohol. However, the spin put on such serious subjects by the likes of Yellen, continues to pull the wool over the eyes of the public.

In this day and time it is always refreshing to hear someone tell it as it really is. Mainstream media covers all too few views on how the fiat monetary system is so unfairly set up to benefit the banks and the wealthy.

Pliego often calls the system out for what it truly is, and on Monday he posted a short video on his Twitter account with his views on inflation and the Federal Reserve. 

Billionaire Pliego calls inflation “the most unfair tax”. He says that it is “hidden”, and that it strikes those who have the least. He says that most people in Mexico today do not remember, or did not experience the high inflation of the 70s.

He talks of the dollar, laughing that it is the reserve currency of the world. He says that “we are all hooked up to the dollar, whether we want it or not”, and states with incredulity “these guys inflated the money supply from $1 trillion to $9 trillion”.

“They flooded the world with fake money, with savings that are (non) existent”

Pliego talks with scorn on how the Fed puts forward its announcements with such “cynicism”. He quoted how the Fed will say that “it has been buying bonds”, as though buying something is a lot better than selling it.

He suggested that maybe the Fed should perhaps say that it had:

“been lending money like a drunken sailor, left, right and centre to anybody who shows up”.

He didn’t think that this would sound so cool though, even though this was what was actually happening in reality. He also posited the question that “how did they (the Fed) lend it, if they didn’t have it?”.

A piece of advice for those who want to survive these troubling times is also on his Twitter feed:

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