Here’s how DojoSwap will be making its debut

The crypto market has been flooded with meme-inspired coins. Shibnobi [SHINJA], Shiba Inu [SHIB], Floki Inu [FLOKI], and a few others were establishing their networks while dominating others. In a similar attempt to enhance its network, Shibnobi was setting the stage for the entrance of DojoSwap.

The network debuted back in November 2021 and DojoSwap, a multi-swap platform is slated to arrive soon. The launch of DojoSwap has been highly anticipated by the Shibnobi community. The network stated at the start of 2022 that the platform would be available in Q1 of that year. The network has now revealed how DojoSwap will enter the market in its most recent tweet.

Shibnobi’s DojoSwap will be released in three stages. The first one would include swap through Ethereum [ETH], Binance Smart Chain [BSC] as well as Polygon [MATIC]. Unlike other DeFi platforms, DojoSwap is expected to dip its toes into multiple chains. The platform formulated on a decentralized automated market maker system leveraging liquidity pools would allow users to engage in seamless blockchain transactions through a variety of chains.

The second version would make its debut about two or three weeks after the aforementioned version. During this, the devs would integrate transactions logs, graphics, charts along with additional data required on Shibnobi’s DojoSwap.

Finally, two to three weeks later, version three would be activated where a bridge among the three chains on DojoSwap would be included.

Shibnobi has a lot planned for 2022, but DojoSwap is reportedly expected to revolutionize the Decentralized Finance aka DeFi space.

Shibnobi gives back to the community

Shibnobi’s SHINJA has witnessed immense growth over the last couple of months. The coin currently trades on popular exchanges like Uniswap, LBank, ProBit Global, BitMart, and Horbit. Similar to its popularity, the price of SHINJA was on an uptrend. During press time, the coin was up nearly 6% over the last 24-hours.

This wasn’t the only thing that the network was doing. Shibnobi through its philanthropic wing was giving back to society. The network was reportedly aiding displaced children in Nigeria.