The Next 100x Potential Altcoin Is Launching Soon, According to Joe Parys

Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market are back in the red as it dips to $36,000 as Ukraine moves to send Russia’s ruble to a near six-year low versus the dollar. But Bitcoin pro president of El Salvador is set to offer citizenship for foreign investors.

In the latest video, Joe Parys, an entrepreneur in crypto, has shared one new 100X potential altcoin gem that is launching in the next few days, giving you a chance to get in early and win big profits.

VeleroDAO (VDGT)

An altcoin that is 100x potential is VeleroDAO. VeleroDAO is a protocol behind the stablecoin USDV — a cryptocurrency that maintains the $1 value.

We forked MakerDAO for Velas Blockchain to have its own stablecoin. So VeleroDAO is the main infrastructure project on Velas. USDV is the first collateral-backed stablecoin on Velas Blockchain. You can mint USDV by adding assets from Velas as collateral. Hedge your funds, use the whole potential of your assets and trade with VeleroDAO.

VeleroDAO is the governance protocol behind the first collateral-backed stablecoin, USDV, for the fastest and most secure blockchain network to exist – Velas.

VeleroDAO is not only a first-mover on Velas but also achieved the highest grant award from the Velas Grant Program. By forking MakerDAO for the Velas network, VeleroDAO has become the main infrastructure project on Velas. This is a vital building block in the exploding Velas DeFi ecosystem.

It allows users to use crypto as collateral to generate USDV with only 1 simple step – creating a Collateralized Debt Position (CDP) by depositing $VLX to the VeleroDAO smart contract. After that, USDV begins working as a hedging mechanism for preserving capital!

ValeroDAO is going to be based on two key elements the first is USDV, which is going to be the first stable coin on the Velas blockchain. The second key element is going to be the ValeroDAO economy and their native token which is the VDGT token. This token is a utility token to help maintain the balance of the entire system. Unlike USDV, which is going to be the stablecoin, this will not have a fixed rate and will grow alongside the platform’s value. 

USDV is going to be the first collateral-backed stablecoin and you can mint USDV by adding assets from Velas as collateral.

If you get into these pre-sales and with the initial market cap only being $140,000, even if the market is going down this shows some massive upside potential. 

Even when the entire market is crashing, Velas and its ecosystem still keep on growing because these coins don’t care. They’re continuing to innovate build, make better partnerships, and really truly build an incredible ecosystem.