Top 3 Tiny Altcoins To Gain Profits Even in This Crypto Winter

We are in a bearish trend, the entire market is deep in red and traders are confusing, they don’t know which altcoin to hold and which altcoin to eliminate from their portfolio.

Understanding that, Suppoman, an entrepreneur in crypto, has revealed the top 3 tiny altcoins that can gain profits even in the bear market, giving you the chance to survive through this crypto winter.

VeleroDAO (VDGT)

The first altcoin to mention is VeleroDAO (VDGT). VeleroDAO is the governance protocol behind the first collateral-backed stablecoin, USDV, for the fastest and most secure blockchain network to exist – Velas.

This has got explosive potential. Velero is a Velas-based DeFi infrastructure. It is high transaction throughput, low fees, and an automated DeFi platform.

VeleroDAO is a stable coin that is USDV. The DAO enables lending and borrowing, so you don’t need to qualify for lending and borrowing. You can just do it as long as you’ve got some form of crypto assets.

You can stake cryptocurrencies to obtain USDV, which is the stablecoin of Velero, you can use these to create synthetic assets, there are all sorts of use cases for Velero.

This is a unique cryptocurrency that could interact with a lot of other Velas projects. Velas’s first metaverse crypto gaming project that’s 600x bit orbit was Velas’s first decentralized social media that over 200x.

This is the first movie, the first DeFi product and it is incubated by Bluezilla. Therefore, there’s no external launchpad influence. They are experts in getting people to buy into these cryptocurrencies in low price huddles and massive rewards. You can only buy it on VelasPad.


The second altcoin on the list to mention is Airwaive. Airwaive is a decentralized wireless broadband stroke 5G network to connect the rest of the world to the Internet. It’s taking the centralized internet services and making it a decentralized network enabling everyone in the world to have access.

Airwaive creates a solution that provides tools and rewards for a decentralized internet highway to turn people and reward people for essentially hosting the internet. They have 32 other partners including Rivian and backed by Fenbushi.

Airwaive is more open and unrestricted. There are way fewer barriers to entry and more opportunities to create income. It could do incredibly well and the launchpad has not been yet announced, so really this is super early.

CryptoCitizen (CCASH)

The third opportunity on the list is CryptoCitizen (CCASH). CryptoCitizen is a play to earn and a futuristic AAA open metaverse world.

Users can build an empire and earn revenue from it. You take part in crime missions, do races, earn in-game money and build up your empire with that money. You can buy businesses and those businesses generate even more money for you.

It’s an insane concept being brought to cryptocurrency by CryptoCitizen. You will have fighting, racing that is coming out soon.

What you earn in this project is Cyber Cash (CCASH), and you can trade it for other cryptocurrencies or you can use it to build your empire in the game, buy NFTs, vehicles, people, bosses, and rare items.

Their partners and backers are very impressive, including Kucoin, Genesis Block Ventures, Binance NFT, Maven, and so much more. CCASH is going to be listed on PancakeSwap.

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