Is BabyDoge The New Favorite Among BSC Whales?

According to the data provided by Whalestats, BabyDoge, the popular meme-token, has flipped Dogecoin (DOGE), to be the most traded token among the top 1000 BSC whales. 

Whalestat’s data is also quite visible in the market movements. BabyDoge has had a gainful week, with a 10.8% rise on the weekly charts, and a 7% rise on the one-day chart. 

BabyDoge Coin was founded during the meme revolution within the crypto space in 2021. BabyDoge, which was inspired by the original crypto dog, Dogecoin [DOGE], was already proving to be a success in its infancy. Not only did the meme currency develop a sizable fanbase, but it also excelled in a variety of areas. 

BabyDoge is still 50.6% down from its all-time high of $0.000000006345, which it attained in January of 2022. However, the popular token is 3206.9% up from its lowest of $0.000000000095, in early June 2021. Meanwhile, Dogecoin was down by 3.7% on the 24-hour chart, trading at $0.133888. Although in the 7-day chart, it was up by 15%. 

With a market cap of $495,292,644, BabyDoge is currently ranked 161, in that regard. 

BabyDoge recent developments

BabyDoge was recently listed on MojitoSwap, a decentralized exchange, launched in October of 2021. 

MojitoSwap is built on KuCoin’s KCC chain. On the 16th of March, MojitoSwap accepted a strategic investment from KuCoin Labs. Their goal is to help MojitoSwap flourish more comprehensively in the KCC ecosystem. This is KuCoin Labs’ first investment in MojitoSwap, as well as the first time KuCoin Labs has invested directly in the KCC environmentally native project. 

The BabyDoge coin was recently accommodated as a payment option, via NOWPayments, at Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce company. Users can now purchase a variety of items on the e-commerce site using the popular memecoin. 

Additionally, the coin also crossed the 1.1 Million followers mark on Twitter, further solidifying its popularity. 

At the time of publication, BabyDoge was trading at $0.000000003107.