Renalytix hits patient milestone for kidney and diabetes ‘biorepository’

Renalytix announced on Tuesday that it has reached an enrollment milestone for its kidney disease and diabetes medicine platform.

The AIM-traded firm said its proprietary ‘Renalytix Accelerating Precision medicine In Diabetes’, or ‘RAPID’, biorepository was on track to exceed 4,000 unique patient specimens with matching, deidentified electronic health record data in 2022 through its real-world evidence program.

It said RAPID, in combination with contracted access to large medical centre patient cohorts, would enable its ‘KidneyIntelX’ platform to improve its ‘bioprognostic’ methodology and therapeutic response monitoring, and support expanded regulatory and reimbursement initiatives.

The RAPID biorepository was started in 2020 as a key part of the company’s real-world evidence clinical study programme to accelerate the development of precision medicine products and services.

Renalytix said it expected total biospecimen access for the KidneyIntelX platform to exceed 30,000 unique patient specimens by 2024.

The biorepository was expected to grow into “one of the largest” real-world patient biobanks for kidney disease and diabetes, the board said.

“The RAPID biorepository is an invaluable and unique source of serial patient blood and data that can accelerate product validation and provide actionable insights to help patients suffering with kidney disease and diabetes,” said chief technology officer Fergus Fleming.

“For the KidneyIntelX platform, this will allow us to drive the development of successive versions of KidneyIntelX to address important gaps in care.

“Together with our many collaborators, we share the vision for a new future for kidney health, where patients and providers have access to tools for ensuring the right treatment for the patients at the right time.”

At 1239 BST, shares in Renalytix were up 2% at 255p.