Top 3 Hot New Gaming Projects To Keep An Eye On, According to CryptoStache

Gala Games (GALA) continues to make headlines as one of the Premiere Blockchain Gaming Studios. They just announced another amazing-looking game coming to their ecosystem. 

In the latest video, CryptoStache, a famous Youtube Channel in crypto, has shown the top 3 hot new gaming projects that you do not want to miss out on.


The first project we’re going to get is one of the newest projects. They have just launched here. It’s called Superior. This is a co-op third-person rogue-lite shooter.

They have done their first NFT drop here with their Ronin character. The Ronin is the very first character they have. There’s gonna be three more characters and they’re gonna be dropping here as NFTs.

This Ronin Prime drop and the rest of the prime drop will come soon, but the drop is being priced anywhere from $300 to $45.000. If you’re looking to get one of those very rare ancient Ronin NFT Prime drops. So those are still available in the Gala Games stores. They have not sold out just yet, so you can still get yourself a low-end common one for a cheaper price. 

You can also permanently customize your characters with a branching skill tree here and we’ve kind of talked about that being on the deviance.

They have a big development team that is working with Gala Games to produce this and put this video game out that incorporates nfts. So it is still in development and there’s a lot more to come there. That’s why Superior is worth keeping an eye on. 

Legends Reborn

Another game that is up and coming here on GALA is called Legends Reborn. Legends Reborn is gonna be the first one coming from Gala Games. It’s a collectible card game and you can create decks and PVP against other players. The better you do, the more you win, the greater potential you have to earn daily rewards. 

this is a skill-based game, so the better you play, the more you’re actually going to earn. You’re not going to just be sitting around earning passively. This game is also still in early development and they have done an initial sale. Of course, they’re going to be doing some more. 

You can actually own battle venues, you can actually own arenas and that gives you an additional way to earn some passive income. Since every time someone’s going to be competing inside of your arena, you’re going to earn a little bit of reward. That’ll be a pretty interesting thing that you don’t want to miss out on. 


The last game on the list here is one of the ones that has been announced a little bit longer ago. It’s Fortified. Fortified is the PVP tower defense game coming to Gala Games.  It kind of exists in this dark fantasy world and players compete against each other to invade and defend villages.

So you’re gonna craft defenses and structures things like cannons towers, arrow towers, powerful magic buildings, stuff out there that’s just gonna destroy your enemies. 

They’ve done one small NFT drop for this already. But it is sold out. So there’s no way to get those in the Gala Games store unless you’re trying to go to a secondary marketplace. 

However, with its attraction, Fortified is full of potential to explode and that’s why it is the last project to keep an eye on.