Crypto wallet MetaMask allows users to buy crypto with Apple Pay

MetaMask is adding integration with payment gateways on its mobile wallet to increase crypto buying options for Apple users.

MetaMask implements Apple Pay integration to increase crypto buying options

MetaMask announced a series of updates on March 29 for iPhone and Apple Pay users. The key feature is purchasing crypto with a debit or credit card via the mobile app, eliminating the need to transfer Ethereum (ETH) from an app-centric exchange.

MetaMask will use two payment gateways, Wyre and Transak, to support the transactions. Thanks to the Wyre API, users can now use Visa and Mastercard stored in Apple Pay to buy ETH and deposit up to $400 daily into their wallets.

Gas fees are supposed to be lower, as announced by MetaMask; some transactions may even cost no gas if done on a private blockchain or if a project pays for gas on behalf of users. Even when completing the ETH purchase, MetaMask stated that they do not profit from gas fees.

Through Transak, one can buy stablecoins USDT, USDC, and DAI on the Ethereum mainnet in MetaMask. The latest update allows them to make bank transfers and use credit/debit cards to buy crypto in over 60 global currencies. Exact payment methods and fees vary by location.

Consensys acquired the Ethereum wallet Mycrypto to combine the technologies of merging MyCrypto with the MetaMask wallet to improve the security of all its products. Moreover, ConsenSys has also successfully raised $450 million in the capital, raising the company’s valuation to a record $7 billion.

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