Top 5 NFT Projects Lauching Soon, According to Joe Parys

NFTs are making millionaires and if you can find the right projects before anyone else you too may be able to multiply your money exponentially with cryptocurrency.

In the latest video, Joe Parys, an expert in crypto, has revealed the top 5 NFT projects that are launching very soon and you can be one of the first to get these new NFT projects before anyone else.

Board Ape Yacht Club

The first NFT project is going to be the Board Ape Yacht Club. This NFT project has set the standard for all nfts and has been wildly successful. it looks like we could be getting a land sale very very soon in fact it may already have been announced.

this project and the land sale could be a way for you to multiply your money like crazy especially if you get the right plots of land.

This is the first NFT project that is super solid and really helps you the paratroopers get in early and descend on some sweet cryptocurrency gains


The second NFT project is going to be Veefriend. An NFT project around meaningful intellectual property and an extraordinary community.

They are going to launch series 2 in April and if you are a series one holder, you will be receiving a special NFT that no one else can get. April 5th, 2022 at 1 pm Eastern standard time, Veefriends will announce the wallet addresses.

Their corresponding mint allocation for the Veefriends series 2 Friends List, which is going to be their version of a white list. They will also have 32,000 book games tokens that will be randomly selected to be enabled and the only way for you to get the new 15 characters in series 2 is by burning book game token with the launch of Veefriends series 2. There is so much more excitement around the corner and we still don’t even have all the information that is going to be revealed very soon. 

World Of Women

The next NFT project is the World Of Women galaxy collection. World Of Women is a collection of unique cool and diverse women ready to leave a mark on the NFT space. The first collection is sold out on OpenSea. The floor price is sitting at 12 ETH and many of these first version NFTs have done incredibly well for their investors.

So the World Of Women universe is expanding and they’re going to be creating a version 2 NFT project that is going to be their second collection. This is going to feature brand new artwork exclusive perks and much more and just by coming to the website and getting a feel for all of these projects, these look incredibly professional and definitely a place that could go up in value in the long run.


The next project mentioned on the list is Sneakerheads. Sneakerheads are a collection of 3,333 randomly generated Sneakerheads, which are stored on the Solana blockchain.

The characters are made with more than 300 custom-designed characteristics and with around 100 unique sneakers with the ability to create around $15 million in absolutely unique combinations. Each Sneakerhead is non-sequentially minted and provably unique.

They took a shoe and made it into a face and some of these look really really artistic but people do concern a little bit about this project, it is the copyright of some of these shoes as well as it looks like some of the faces of major celebrities. They haven’t had a road map or a website just quite yet.


Last and certainly not least,  the fifth and final NFT project that is set to explode in the very near future is one called Kahiru. This project just crossed over a hundred thousand followers on Twitter.

Some of the engagement has been absolutely crazy like 20,000 retweets as well as 21,000 likes and 466 quote tweets.

We have very limited information. They are putting together a whitelist for this project and starting to announce some of the waiters over on their Twitter.

It also looks like they are starting a Discord. This might be your best way to get on the inside of this project. There’s no road map, their website isn’t even up yet. This is definitely a riskier NFT project as we just do not have that much information and we do not know when exactly it’s going to be launching yet so make sure to only follow the official account.