Ethereum rich list NFT trades include ‘Rolex,’ ‘Mercedes Benz,’ ‘AAPLE’

The NFT market followed the broader crypto market’s consolidation footsteps in March. After kicking off the month on a flat note, the sales and the unique buyers’, both, gradually inclined and peaked during mid of the month. However, without being able to sustain there for long, they started dangling down.

31st March’s numbers [$6.3 million in sales and 13.2unique buyers] were less than what was registered on 1 March [$13.9 million in sales and 13.5k unique buyers], bringing to light the non-enthusiastic involvement of market participants in the NFT market.

NFT Sales, Unique Buyers || Source: CryptoSlam

In fact, on the macro front, the numbers looked even more awful. Over the past 7 months, the global NFT sales volume has withered by 53%.

As can be noted from the chart attached below, the current volumes registered are no where close to what was registered during the end of August last year.

NFT Trade Volume By Chain || Source: The Block

Despite the bearish macro outlook, things have started improving on the micro setup. On OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, the cumulative volume registered yesterday was the highest since 13 April. Consequentially, top collections including the likes of CryptoPunks, BAYC, and MAYC witnessed volume upticks on their respective parts too.

Top NFT Collections || Source: OpenSea

What is the Ethereum richlist upto

As per data from WhaleStats, collections resonating with posh brand names like “Rolex,” “Mercedes Benz,” and “APPLE” were the top traded NFTs by the Ethereum rich list.

According to Etherscan, the said ERC-71 tokens have 5320, 4376, and 4,651 HODLers respectively.

Just last week, it was reported that a particular Ethereum whale that once possessed Shiba Inu now possessed tokens like McDonald’s, ADIDAS, YouTube, Yahoo, Twitter, and Pornhub. Post that episode, the same genre of whales engaging in NFT transactions with similar brand-name inclined collections comes as no surprise.