Nearly 100K users sign up to IoTeX’s Meta-Pebble within 5 days. But what is it?

On March 30, IoTeX announced that the Meta-Pebble NFT mint list was ready for sign-ups. By April 4, nearly 100,000 people had registered for the virtual minting feature that is scheduled for launch on April 30..

The Meta-Pebble is more than just a fine example of digital art. More interestingly, it grants holders entry to the MachineFi portal, where with their mobile phone data, they can interact with IoTeX ecosystem dApps and earn by carrying out a wide variety of daily activities.

IoTeX Co-Founder and CTO Qevan Guo said the Meta-Pebble will revolutionize geo-location-based NFT minting. The Meta-Pebble NFT is the key to connect users’ mobile phones to MachineFi in a verifiable, tamper-proof way. With this NFT, holders will be able to participate in MachineFi-powered dApps and turn your phone into a mobile miner, Guo said.

“Whether it’s fitness and health-related data from your wearables, travel-related data such as biking or mobility, or proving you visited a museum or sports event. For the first time, the Meta-Pebble’s will offer new ways to earn digital assets from activities they carry out in the real world,” Guo added. “Soon you will be able to find a dApp that will airdrop rewards or pay you for your data.”

The Meta-Pebble is a mobile crypto miner. It enables users to mirror their physical life in the virtual world with reliable, verifiable data that grants access to various dApps in the IoTeX ecosystem.

“We recently launched a $100-million Sustainable Fund to support developers’ MachineFi-focused projects. These are to enable users to monetize their data,” said Co-Founder, Chief Investor (CIO), and Operations Officer (COO) Jing Sun. “We are at the threshold of a new groundbreaking era of decentralized applications to democratize the machine economy.”

Fortune Business Insights recently released a report predicting that the global big data analytics market will be worth nearly $550 billion by 2028. McKinsey released a different report estimating that by 2030, people worldwide will have over 100 billion IoT-connected smart devices with a value of nearly $13 trillion.

“If data is the new gold, then IoT-linked machines will be the gold mines,” said IoTeX CEO and Co-Founder Raullen Chai. That is why IoTeX’s vision is to empower people, giving them back control over their data, privacy, smart devices, and the value they generate.

Because it is GPS-powered, the Meta-Pebble works with IoTeX’s soon-to-be-launched Proof Of Presence (POP) protocol. This first-of-its-kind protocol is based on verifiable real-world data to connect to dApps. It allows developers working with blockchain and IoT to use verifiable real-world data as incentivization for earning rewards and digital assets. 

IoTeX Business Development Head Larry Pang said the Meta-Pebble captures and cryptographically signs real-world data such as location. “It enables users to “use verifiable GPS data to mint NFTs that prove you were at a certain place at a certain time. This technology verifies the proof of the presence of a person,” he added.

Qevan Guo shared another example of how Meta-Pebble will work with POP. “The theater district in New York City wants to draw people to come see a show, dine in a local restaurant, and visit nearby attractions. They could very well pay for your presence and Meta-Pebble —via  the MachineFi portal— could enable that Proof-of-Presence,” he concluded.

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