Litecoin inches closer to MimbleWimble’s full rollout

Bitcoin [BTC] entered the financial world over a decade ago. Soon after this, Litecoin [LTC] and an array of coins followed suit. The pandemic not only accelerated adoption but also paved the way for new cryptocurrencies. The meme coin revolution, however, posed a barricade before these pre-Covid coins. Assets like LTC were overshadowed. Despite this, the Litecoin community decided to keep up with the network update.

Thus, MimbleWimble was finally making its debut. The Litecoin community was sitting still in anticipation. Years after its initial announcement, the network was all set to introduce the world to a privacy-centric blockchain protocol. Thanks to this feature, users will be able to carry out anonymous transactions. Currently, large mining pools across the network were still prepping for this integration. In the meantime, Charlie Lee, the creator of LTC urged the community to aid the process.

In a recent tweet, Lee asked the Litecoin community to test out the testnet that already entailed MimbleWimble. Pay close heed to the likes, retweets, and comment section on this particular tweet. We’ll get to it.

While most of them were glad that Litecoin was making progress, a few others called out Lee for the minimal engagement rate he could garner. One Twitter user suggested that there was no interest in the network as the engagement on the above tweet was low. The Twitter user added, “It is game over for LTC.”

Visibly angered by this comment, Lee affirmed that Litecoin wasn’t paying engagement like other cryptocurrencies. He further added,

“What kind of engagement do you expect from a release candidate announcement? If you expected 100 replies and 1000 retweets, you should probably adjust your expectations as we don’t pay for engagement like other coins.”

Litecoin whales move big bucks

With the entire market slowly sliding into the red zone, Litecoin followed suit. The altcoin, during press time, was trading for $112.72 with a 1.66 percent drop over the last 24-hours. While several in the community have been complaining about the rather inert price of the asset, a whale decided to make some money moves.

According to Santiment, LTC whales moved over $100k in just one day. This was reportedly considered the largest amount of daily whale transactions in 2022.