Miami Making NFTs With TIME, Mastercard, Sale…

The city of Miami is embarking on a massive Web3 project, where it will partner with the leading media, finance, and cloud solution companies to launch over 5000 NFTs.

Miami’s Latest Web3 Venture

Mayor Francis Suarez is still very much in love with crypto. As the chief visionary who led Miami’s rally as the leading crypto hub of the United States, Mayor Suarez recently organized the highly successful Bitcoin 2022 conference. Under his leadership, the city is now embarking upon another behemothian mission to boost its Web3 cred. The city is rolling out over 5000 Ethereum NFTs featuring the designs of 56 different Miami-based artists that will be “representing the city’s 56 square mile area.” 

Despite the current bear market, Mayor Suarez is going full steam ahead with his plans for establishing Miami as a global crypto hub. Commenting on the Miami NFT project, he said, 

“We will continue to employ these new technologies to support our existing businesses while attracting new ones.”

The Miami NFT Partners

For the project, the city government is partnering up with three other companies that are the leaders in their respective markets. Each partner is to have a designated role in the project that will utilize its strengths in the market for better project facilitation. 

The first of these partnerships is with the publisher of TIME magazine, Time USA, which will help define the city’s NFT strategy as well as take charge of executing the project. The second partner and global payments technology company, Mastercard, will create exclusive benefits for the Miami NFT holders by granting them special access to restaurants and private cultural tours in the city. Finally, the third partner and leading CRM company, Salesforce, will be encharged with the minting of the NFTs. Salesforce will also leverage its yet-to-be-released NFT Cloud platform to handle the primary sales process. 

TIME’s Web3 Interests

TIME President and Salesforce Web3 board member Keith Grossman has confirmed TIME’s role in the project and hinted that this could be the first of many future occasions where the company helps other entities deploy NFT projects. He has also said that the NFTs will open up new and unique experiences for the holders, along with showcasing the tremendous diversity of the city through the artwork. In addition, the company has been exploring deeper into the Web3 space, as is apparent from its recent partnership with The Sandbox for the virtual TIME Square project

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