In past two days, someone has shifted almost one billion Dogecoin and two trillion Shiba Inu

A staggering quantity of meme coin DOGE was transferred on the blockchain, as reported by Whale Alert barely more than two hours ago. This amounted to over half a billion meme coins. A larger amount of DOGE was transferred the day before, totaling over one billion DOGE in two days.

Nearly 1 Billion DOGE Transferred After Elon Musk Resumed Buying Twitter

According to Whale Alert, 386,082,773 Dogecoins were transferred between two anonymous wallets. This number of meme coins is worth $25,187,368. This is the second transaction of this amount detected by the aforementioned crypto-tracking firm in the last two days.

On October 5, 449,999,998 DOGE were transferred, totaling around 836 million Dogecoin. On the same day, two lumps of SHIB – one trillion meme coins each — were discovered, according to the same source; these two trillion Shiba Inu were transported to the Coinbase exchange, allegedly to be sold.

These massive sums of meme coins were transferred when Tesla CEO Elon Musk opted to abandon the purchasing agreement with Twitter. In the comments section of today’s DOGE transfer, some Twitter users joked about if these Dogecoins were delivered by the centibillionaire, who is a huge DOGE enthusiast and has stated multiple times that if he acquires Twitter, he will incorporate DOGE payments.

Yesterday, the Twitter account of the influential trading group Crypto Rand tweeted what it expects Elon Musk to add/change to the social media giant as soon as he closes the deal. These three things were the addition of the edit button, hunting fake accounts (bots) down, and integrating purchases in cryptocurrencies. Earlier, Musk suggested that adding DOGE as a payment option to Twitter Blue subscriptions could be possible if he owns the platform.

According to a recent tweet by Musk, he intends to turn Twitter into an “everything app” called “X.” Buying Twitter is an accelerant to creating X, the everything app. In an earlier interview, the billionaire described this as a spam-free app where users could have various discussions, and content-makers would get their share of the income. He stated that he would either convert Twitter into this app if he bought it, or he could have it developed from scratch. This “everything app” would be a digital town square where important ideas would be debated, and free speech would be enhanced.

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