Spectacular collapse of FTX empire has naturally inspired full-fledged TV series

The tech behemoth Amazon’s subsidiary, Amazon Studios, has ordered a TV show about the scandalous demise of the FTX exchange.


Amazon to Film TV Series About FTX Collapse

The independent film and television production company AGBO will make the new TV program. American producers and directors Anthony and Joseph Russo, also known as the Russo brothers, are in charge of the studio. Early in 2023 is when production on the show is anticipated to begin. There will be eight episodes in all.

David Weil, an American writer, producer, and director, will be responsible for writing and producing the show’s pilot. Weil, best known for the Amazon Prime Video television series Hunters, will also act as the show’s executive producer. Angela Russo-Otstot (“Cherry,” “Relic”) and Mike Larocca (“The Gray Man”) will also be in charge of the show.

Head of Amazon Studios Jennifer Salke claims no better collaborators can bring the FTX tale to Amazon Prime Video, on-demand streaming, and rental service. FTX, established in 2019, rose quickly to become one of the industry’s major participants. Sam Bankman-Fried, the company’s creator, had a staggering $26 billion in assets. The crypto enterprise, however, fell apart in less than a week. Bankman-wealth Fried’s has been destroyed, and FTX Group has declared bankruptcy.

The narrative of FTX’s demise has repeatedly been contrasted with the biotech fraud Theranos. Actress Amanda Seyfried portrays Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes in the “The Dropout” docuseries, which debuted on Amazon’s subscription streaming service earlier this year.

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