Renalytix rises on publication of positive evidence

Renalytix announced new real-world evidence, printed in the Primary Care and Community Health publication, on Tuesday.

The AIM-traded firm said the evidence demonstrated that its ‘KidneyIntelX’ bioprognostic test resulted in changed clinical decision-making for patients in the early stages of diabetic kidney disease being cared for within the Mount Sinai Health System’s Population Health Ambulatory Pharmacy and Condition Management programmes.

It said the majority of patients were being treated by their primary care physician.

Renalytix said prediction of risk for kidney disease progression in early-stage diabetic kidney disease was often not assessed at the primary care level, resulting in more than 50,000 individuals per year with diabetes progressing to kidney failure, dialysis or a kidney transplant.

By integrating an “easily interpretable, accurate prognostic tool” that assigns a risk score for progressive decline in kidney function, KidneyIntelX was designed to help providers act earlier to slow or stop the progression to kidney failure.

“The impacts of KidneyIntelX early risk assessment, even at this interim six-month time point, are very encouraging that we can proactively move to control cost and outcomes in diabetes and kidney disease,” said the company’s chief medical officer Michael Donovan.

“Enabling primary care physicians to recognize risk and clinically manage patients DKD can potentially eliminate unnecessary events from uncontrolled disease progression, including kidney failure and dialysis.

“We look forward to continuing published data releases at the one-year mark,” Dr Donovan added.

At 1629 GMT, shares in Renalytix were up 11.54% at 72.5p.

Reporting by Josh White for