Uniswap enabled NFT trading, vowed to airdrop $5 million worth of USDC

By including digital collectibles from popular markets like OpenSea, LooksRare, Sudoswap, and others on its platform, Uniswap facilitated NFT trading. The program was launched a few months after Uniswap purchased the NFT aggregator Genie.

Uniswap starts NFT trading with a $5 million airdrop that can be claimed

Uniswap is introducing an NFT aggregator on its website five months after purchasing NFT trading aggregator Genie and its founder Scott Gray. The DEX said that from November 30, its customers would be able to trade a range of non-fungible tokens (NFT tokens) on significant exchanges. In conjunction with the launch, Uniswap will give its first 22,000 aggregator customers limited gas rebates on their initial transactions, up to 0.01 ETH apiece (approximately $12), until December 14. After January 16, rebates may be redeemed using the Uniswap app.

Additionally, it promised to airdrop $5 million worth of USDC to former NFT aggregator Genie customers.

This summer, the decentralized exchange bought Genie to enhance its offering by adding NFTs and ERC-20 tokens. According to Uniswap, anybody who used Genie more than once before an April 2022 snapshot will receive $300 worth of the stablecoin, while owners of a Genie: Genesis NFT will receive $1,000 in USDC.

“We are distributing approximately 5 million USDC to certain historical Genie users to show our gratitude to longtime Genie users and welcome them into the Uniswap community. Users are eligible for both tiers and can claim their airdrop in USDC on app.uniswap.org for the next 12 months”, Uniswap stated.

Based on a snapshot taken on April 15, 2022, at 00:00 UTC, they created two tiers for recipients:

  • The $300 tier is available to wallets that completed more than one transaction before the snapshot.
  • The $1,000 tier is available to wallets that held the Genie: Genesis NFT as of the snapshot.
    • Users are eligible per unique address, meaning multiple Genie: Genesis NFTs in the same wallet are only eligible once.
    • This tier is also available to wallets that purchased a Genie: Genesis NFT or a Genie:Gem NFT between 5:59 pm and 9:15 pm UTC on June 21st.

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