Financial Today is a digital newspaper for english-speaking readers that covers the most relevant facts related to Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency technologies and stock market news. It offers its readers the latest news, advances and trends on these topics, as well as the best analysis, opinion and educational information about these technologies that promise to completely digitize our society. This site is a digital brand of Augus Curtis


Inform and educate massively and in a timely manner the truth about Bitcoin, blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

We are moved by the opportunities that these technologies provide and we believe that great advances can come from anyone. That is why we provide the best content in english, which makes it easier for any english speaker to create bridges to the future.


To be a means of mass communication leveraged on Bitcoin technology, which allows its users to get or get as close as possible to the truth and be participants in its creation.

We believe that Bitcoin enables the digital society and that in it the truth is built collaboratively. For this reason, we work daily to put our grain of sand in the formation of a more transparent and inclusive future.